The Protect Kit


Take care of your hair under there with no regrets. It is so important still add nutrient and moisture to your even if you wear wigs, weaves, and protective styles. The more you care for your hair the more nourished it will be and the more you will be able to enjoy your natural hair in a way that you never have.


Kit Comes With:

Mandarin Marmalade PH Balancing Elixir  

The first step in every kit is to Ph Balance the hair? Why do you ask? Because ph balanced hair absorbs all the nutrients properly allowing the hair to function at its best. We add this treatment in every kit as a must have because it s no brainer!


Dragon Fruit Cleansing Shampoo 

This cleanser is perfect to cleanse the scalp for protective styles because it has super clarifying properties. It helps to remove build up on the scalp and wash away all your hair woes while your hair is away.


Hair And Body Oil

This oil is the best oil you never knew you needed. this provides you hair and scalp with the proper stimulation that keeps you hair growing even when you aren’t touching it. It also keeps you hair hydrated preventing hair loss and breakage.


Daily Hydration Spray

When you hair isn’t going through its normal routine, it can suffer. This daily hydration mist has nourishing aloe and ph balanced hydrants that repair and replenish the hairs moisture levels.





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