Mandarin Marmalade Ph Balancing Pre Elixir


With normal exposure to the environment as well as with washing and styling, the hair’s protective layer can become contaminated or removed. It must be restored with the use of properly pH balanced ingredients. Hair that is not pH balanced has visible frizz and will tangle easily. Mandarin Marmalade is pH balanced and has the ability to make even the toughest tangles dissappear. It can also keep protective styles free from yucky build up by pre cleansing the scalp.

Our all- natural blend of purifying essential oils, alongside apple cidar vinegar and aloe, is a pH balancing powerhouse! This treatment reduce tangles prior to cleansing, as well as smooth the hairs cuticle which tames frizz and breakage.

  • For hair types who need pre detangling, use this elixir to get tangles out quickly before you cleanse your hair.
  •  This elixir can also be a post-conditioning treatment when using Dragon Fruit Cleansing Shampoo to be used after you cleanse the hair. Spray all over to seal the cuticle and lightly rinse.
  • Preps and pre cleanses the hair for your next treatment

pH Balanced Water, aloe, apple cidar vinegar, witch hazel, panthenol, tangerine oil, msm


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