Loose curls/waves Kit


With loose curls, it can be hard to keep them hydrated without weighing them down. We have the perfect solution to your curly hair woes. This kit comes with amazing ingredients that keep your hair strong and bouncy!

Kit Comes With:

Mandarin Marmalade PH Balancing Elixir  

The first step in every kit is to Ph Balance the hair? Why do you ask? Because ph balanced hair absorbs all the nutrients properly allowing the hair to function at its best. We add this treatment in every kit as a must have because it s no brainer!


Dragon Fruit Cleansing Shampoo 

The fatty acids in dragon fruit are excellent supporters for healthy hair with the Omega 3s keeping your hair lustrous and shiny while the Omega 6s stimulate hair growth. Those Omega 3s are also vital to our body’s production of collagen and collagen helps each strand of hair maintain its thickness. Because wavy hair can Bec one limp, this shampoo is perfect to bring those waves to volumeous curls.  

Cafe Latte Leave-in Conditioning Milk 

This lightweight coffee scented leave is a star! With super stimulating caffeine and nourishing butter, this treatment smoothes and relaxes the cuticle creating smith shiny curls. It also has the ability to interact with your hair follicles, helping to guide your follicles’ behavior and regulate hair growth


 Orange Blossom Finishing Nectar

Orange blossom has folic acid and vitamin C  in each bottle which is known to improve the length of hair. Along with encouraging hair growth, vitamin C also strengthens the hair and makes it less prone to breakage and hair loss. When your hair is stronger it has better elasticity and creates popping curls.





Weight 1 lbs


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