The Kinky Kit


Our Kinky Curl Kit come with 4 luxurious high-performance curly hair products made with 100% natural ingredients. Kinky hair tends to be dryer because of its super coily texture making it difficult for moisture to travel down the hair shaft. Our treatments are made with a balance of moisture and nutrients that not only softens lifeless dull curls but helps to strengthen and improve elasticity allowing it to be more elongated, moisturized and healthy.


Kit Comes With:

Mandarin Marmalade PH Balancing Elixir  

The first step in every kit is to Ph Balance the hair? Why do you ask? Because ph balanced hair absorbs all the nutrients properly allowing the hair to function at its best. We add this treatment in every kit as a must have because it s no brainer!


Cookie Dough Moisturizing Cleanser 

This treatment is made to cleanse and condition all in one easy satisfying step! Although this is a conditioner, we didn’t sacrifice the lather. This product still has a creamy set lather that completely bring dehydrated curls back to life! Pop it on, rinse and pop out the shower!

 Whip Cream Moisturizing Conditioner 

This treatment is super rich in moisture with 7 plus different moisturizing ingredients. It provides the perfect amount of nutrients to kick dryness to the curb. This product is a crown favorite.

Hair & Body Oil 

This treatment has an amazing combination of some of your favorite premium oils. This oil with not only nourish and seal the hair, but it will protect the hair from any further exposure such as heat, environmental pollutants, even additional products added for styling. Apply to your hair and your body while you are still damp to seal in all that water luscious moisture from the previous treatments .


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