Berry Smoothie Repair & Replenish Masque


Fresh organic strawberries smothered all over…your hair? Yes, why not?! This deep conditioner is infused with all the goodies! Berry Smoothie contains cranberry butter which happens to be packed with antioxidants. Cranberry butter has a natural balance of Omega 6, 3, and 9 fatty acids not found in any other oils! This yummy treat also contains organic strawberries, superfood antioxidants, and yummy yogurt. We can’t forget the rose kaolin clay, which contributes to that fresh berry smell, the thick creamy texture and much-needed protein for strength and shine. Protein is what keeps the hair from breaking and protects it from harsh chemicals and climates, so you’ll be sure to get your recommended dose here! Smother your curls in this luscious creamy masque and whip those curls into tiptop shape.


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