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Tell us your hair preferences, the good, the bad and the ugly. Our hair doctor is speciliazed in this field and will use your profile questions to customize the perfect hair Rx and hair regimen just for you!



Receive your Rehab Kit that includes a detox, Your hair care RX , tools and a hair report to help you reach your hair goals and start your way to healthy hair. Each month after, receive your hair care Rx and never worry about fumbling through all the hair product aisles again!



Improve your hair health with a hair analysis and regimens to diagnose the root issues, repair the damage, and restore to its optimal appearance.



Our members not only enjoy customized treatments, but they get an array of hair help such as tutorials, hair style advice and more. This program will allow your hair care journey to be the right one. No more mistakes!

When you sign up, you will receive your Starter kit which includes:
  • Our signature detox treatment to remove the old toxins, chemicals, and excess products build up out of your hair strands, to prep you for the nutrients from your new treatments
  • Your Hair Care Rx which include 4 full size hair care products customized for you
  • A hair report with detailed instruction on your hair regimen, curl training technique and goals
  • extra hair tools that help make your transition that much easier and enjoyable!
  • Your Hair Care Rx comes with your needed supply of hair treats as well as the opportunity to purchase add-on treatments to boost up your hair routine. Because hair is not one size fits all, we allow you to decide how quickly your hair care needs to arrive. From 30 days to 45 days or pause you subscription at anytimes. But don't worry, you can change it at any time keeping the same price of $60.
  • Why does the first-month cost so much more than the following months?
  • Your first month comes with a detox treatment along with some much-needed tools that help your journey be that much easier. Alongside that, your first month's payments include your hair report specifying your custom routine to help you achieve your future hair goals.
  • Can I cancel or suspend my account?
  • Yes! You can cancel your membership anytime with just a few clicks and you will be able to suspend your account 2 months at a time without losing your membership.
  • Will I have help?
  • Absolutely! You will have your very own hair expert at your fingertips to help you and guide you through this process whether it be a month down the line or a year down the line.
  • What does my Hair Rx consist of?
  • Your monthly hair Rx will consist of a personalized pretreatment spray, cleanser, conditioner, and finisher. You will have the opportunity to add extras to your Rx each month on your own time to create the perfect combination for you.
  • What's a detox?
  • Detoxing is necessary to revive your hair and scalp to provide a clean slate for optimal conditioning. This treatment will also reveal your truth about your strands that have been preserved with chemically process products. This treatment thoroughly removes buildup produced by natural oils, environmental pollutants, styling products, silicones, and chlorine allowing your strands to absorb moisture and not be weighed down by toxins when you begin your journey For more question email us at


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