Ceo, Founder

Hi all! My name is Brittany Ellis aka BeElle and I am the Ceo and founder of LUHV Potions Hair Products and LUHV Thairapy Hair Program. I started making products when I was a young child. I was a kid that was very sensitive and couldn't use a lot of mainstream products because of their chemicals and preservatives. You see, I have a chemical sensitivity and any chemicals that I would put in my hair could cause extreme damage. I became a sophomore in high school, I was super curious about where I came from and why I had the kind of hair I had. I was destined to figure out how I could first be healthy when it came to my hair and second be fabulous on top of it.

When started college, I had already done a ton of research on hair. Not just my kind of hair, all kinds of hair. It was kind of like an obsession. I learned that the best thing for your hair was the same things that were the best for your body and wanted to create products that nourished hair. I also learned how sensitive not just my hair was but all black hair. I wanted to create something that truly worked but didn't have to have any chemicals or preservatives added to it and at that time there wasn't anything on the market that was available. Walking through the hair aisles and reading the labels would present tons of products with tons of chemicals even when the label said all natural. That's when the idea popped in my head. I begin researching and mixing ingredients, testing them on my hair as well as my natural clients and after it was all said and one, they all had nice beautiful long hair that they never knew they could have. As my products started working, people kept coming to me for their hair needs and I fell in love with the whole idea of healthy hair and fabulousness rolled into one curly crown.

A few years later, the knowledge I obtained and the inches of hair I gained, proved that I had something amazing here and I couldn't wait to share it with the world. My journey wasn't only about finding the right hair products, but it was about how to truly care for my hair and the information that I learned wasn't available in conjunction with the right products. That's when my program began. A program the combines, the best ingredients, personalized healthy hair information, and the correct way of thinking when it comes to your crown. The perfect formula for the perfect conscious curls.

"Truly love your hair"
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