"Truely love your hair"

Natural is the only way
to be truely natural

No Synthetic Preservatives
Everyone can use a little {luhv} and because of that reason, we use lots of it to formulate only the best stuff. The right stuff! We always use the most premium and high quality ingredients to allow you to fall completely in {luhv} with your hair. We always start by using ph balanced water to hydrate and bring your curls back to life. We then use special techniques to blend, sift, puree, and whip the ingredients in small personalized batches with the perfect consistency for all of our members.

We believe that all natural ingredients have a life cycle and these ingredients are most effective when they are alive.While some ingredients have the capabilities to extend the shelf life beyond its normal life cycle, we choose not to do so. Our hair is, and should be considered a living organism, which grows and flourishes like a flower. When unnatural preservatives are used to extend the shelf life of important ingredients, they surpass their actual life cycle and are rendered pretty useless. This will not only do nothing for your hair, but will defeat the total purpose of your hair care in general. We ditch the dead and use fresh non-preserved hair care and allow you to reap the benefits of what truly works!

"Loving Your Hairs' Value"

When we say natural, We mean it!

100% Natural Ingredeints
“All natural” means chemical-free; 100%, truly and completely.

We believe hair care, like food, should be made fresh. We don’t use any synthetic preservatives to unnaturally extend our shelf life. We ditch the dead, and use live ingredients which actually feeds and nourishes your hair.

Like fresh organic vegetables compared to canned preserved vegetables, {luhv} hair care is your fresh and healthier hair care solution.